Tumble was shot over 3 days in Los Angeles, California with a crew of four.

The film was shot with a Sony A7s II Cinema Package. 

Also used was an OSMO Steady Cam

All photos (C) 2019, Arablemedia


Post Production has started on the film.  We are cutting on Adobe Premiere. 


Dirk Serries - Composer

Dirk is a Belgian composer and ambient musician.  Dirk is creating the music and sounds for this project. 


The day has arrived where I can say we have a picture lock on Tumble.  It has been a real transformative journey creating this short film. 

I am so grateful for everyone that has helped with this short film and worked long hours to help create what the final cut is.

Thank you to Jeff Orgill for letting us shoot in your fantastic location. Thank you for your help with all your incredible insight and challenging ideas with the editing of this short film. The edit of any film is another writer's pass. It's a way to reinvent mold and shape your movie into something you never thought of before.  That is the art of the cut of any film. You have to be bold, and you have to be able to know what you want to say in your movie ultimately. 

Thank you to my DP Matthew Skala for creating such a beautiful looking film. His passionate and fearless ideas made this film come alive. 

And thank you, Dirk Serries, whose music has inspired me for many, many years. His fantastic experimental jazz score to this project brought out a layer that brings the whole film together. His incredible attention to detail and understanding of the psychological components of each character made the score work perfectly to frame this world.  

I hope everyone is safe and healthy during this crazy time. Stay home and be safe and create. Stay tuned for more information soon. 


Antony Berrios